The Immigrant Writers Association (IWA) is a non-profit corporation that provides programs, activities, and services that empower and support immigrant writers in their journeys.

Our mission:
To encourage immigrants to express themselves through writing, to bring more awareness, compassion, and peace into the world.

We hope that our initiative will also inspire non-immigrants to open up more and share their knowledge, expertise, and talents – so together we can build a better world for all of us!

If you’d like to become an IWA member, please fill out the application (link on Join Us page) to help us understand your needs, challenges, and expectations from our organization. To make it more meaningful for our members, and easier to run this volunteer-based association, please let us also know how you’re willing to contribute! That’s our way of applying the universal law of Giving and Receiving to our association.

*We accept membership applications from writers and upcoming writers who are Canadian immigrants (1st and 2nd generation). This is not a discriminatory criterion, it is just our way to identify the type of members that we can serve the best. 

Our story:

June 5th, 2018
Immigrant Writers Association became an incorporated non-profit association

March 20th, 2018
The idea of starting the Immigrant Writers Association was inspired by our founder’s writing journey. A Canadian immigrant herself, Gabriela Casineanu felt “pushed” into writing at a time of her life when this was the only way she could still share with others her knowledge. While her first book became an Amazon bestseller in 9 countries, the journey was not easy.

She envisioned the Immigrant Writers Association as a platform that:

  • Supports and empower immigrant writers on their journey
  • Builds and crossed bridges between languages and cultures, the inner and outer worlds, what is and what is not… yet!
  • Shares the immigrant experiences that called for expression, and were ready to inspire others (immigrants and not only)
  • Reveals the extensive knowledge and experience that IWA members bring to the Canadian professional environment, sometimes knocking at doors that are not willing to open and embrace their wisdom and fresh perspectives
  • Leverages the power of a community of supportive like-minded people, leading to happier and more successful lives
  • Encourages sharing among members the information gained through their writing journey and non-writing background
  • Helps members build an entrepreneurial mindset and learn new skills required for a successful writing career
  • Facilitates access to resources not to easy to access by individuals (authors and writers)
  • Encourages co-authoring books by members and other collaborations on writing-related projects
  • … and much more!