Faster than expected … :-)

16 members so far … and counting! ?

Wow… I just start getting a glimpse of what I got myself into!
This project has such a great energy – it’s taking on a life of itself! Pushing me/us to develop it faster. I start thinking that we’ll need an “opening” event for the association, for marketing purposes – to also invite guests who can support our cause.

I spoke with Margaret Eaton, Executive Director of the Toronto Region Immigrant Council (TRIEC) and former ED of the Association of Canadian Publishers. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding government funding and knows well the Canadian Publishing landscape. What I like most: she helped me understand how our association could better navigate this landscape … avoiding many common roadblocks. Margaret likes to support immigrant initiatives, and loves the Immigrant Writers idea! TRIEC even re-twitted my tweet, and are excited to follow how this initiative unfolds!


I already have an idea for a co-authored book (I’ll take the lead for this one). Fatima Nana has another idea for a co-authored book (that’ll be her project). Gabriela Covaci has her own book idea and is willing to help to organize an opening event in Halton area. Claudiu Murgan is a little ahead of me, with ideas on how to increase our association’s visibility through social media. While our newest member Vignesh (musician) loves the idea of playing at our opening event and already thought about another interesting organization to approach. ?

Exciting journey … to say at least!
Want to join or support us? Please comment below. ?

~ Gabriela


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