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Genre Website

Alice Fomen


Anna Deac Children Books  
Camelia Irsik Non-fiction, Memoir  
Carol Donohue Non-fiction, Memoir CarolDonohue.com
Claudiu Murgan Fiction ClaudiuMurgan.com
Fouad El-Khabbaz Poetry, Creative Non-fiction AtelierDesCaprices.com
Gabriela Casineanu Non-fiction, Creative non-fiction GabrielaCasineanu.com
Gabriela Covaci Non-fiction GabrielaCovaci.com
Gerard Keledjian Non-fiction NewCanadians.TV
Guillaume Lorin Fiction  
Liliana Nakamura Non-fiction  
M K Aaref Short Stories, Pictorial Booklet  
Malika Mounir Non-fiction, Memoir Argana
Marème Diongue Creative Non-fiction, Poetry  
Oscar Cecena Creative Non-fiction ImmigrantsOfToronto.com
Phyllis Koppel Fiction, Creative Non-fiction PhyllisKoppel.com

Name Genre
Aitak Sorahitalab Creative non-fiction, Research
Akinet Bais Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Memoir
Aldona Dziedziejko Non-fiction, Memoir, Poetry
Andreea Dana Munteanu Fiction, Memoir, Poetry
Andreea Demirgian Children books
Antonio F. Urdaneta Fiction
Anubha Mehta Fiction, Non-fiction
Bahar Ebrahimi Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Memoir, Poetry
Bänoo Zan Poetry
Barbara Wolf Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative non-fiction
Bilgen Akman Fiction, Memoir
Cynthia Gaspar Fiction, Creative non-fiction
Christina Friend Non-fiction Editing, Copywriting
Daisy Wright Non-fiction
Fatima Nana Non-fiction
Francisco Vernis Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative non-fiction
George Kun Non-fiction, Memoir
Iyiola Adebayo News
Jaskaran GillL Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative non-fiction
Jessica Vogt Non-fiction, Creative non-fiction, Memoir
Judeen Meikle Non-fiction
Lana Kouchnir Non-fiction, Creative non-fiction, Memoir, Poetry
Laura Marinescu Non-fiction
Lavinia Ionescu Fiction
Luis Miranda  
Marni Dieanu Fiction, Poetry
Mieko Arimura Fiction
Miguel Abascal Non-fiction
Nadia Mohammed Fiction, Non-fiction, Research articles & reviews
Nina Munteanu Fiction, Non-fiction
Paola Villavicencio Fiction
Paulina Popescu Non-fiction, Memoir
Payal Jain Academic
Rajeev Gupta Fiction, Non-fiction
Richard Villavicencio Fiction, Non-fiction, Memoir
Roberto Cano Fiction
Roxana Radulescu Non-fiction
Salil Kamat Non-fiction
Salvador Alanis Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Poetry
Samir Radia Non-fiction, Memoir
Satish Maduri Non-fiction
Shazia Hafiz Ramji Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Poetry
Sheila Horne Fiction, Short stories
Sukhjit Singh Non-fiction, Memoir
Susan Ksiezopolski Non-fiction, Other
Sushila Ssamy Fiction, Memoir
Synthia Helena Gaspar Fiction, Creative non-fiction
Tania Gianone Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Screenwriting
Yolanda Monteiro Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Memoir, Poetry
Warda Abdulsamed Fiction, Non-fiction
Zainab Amadahy Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Children’s & YA

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